Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Im really sick and tired of these weird dreams i am having from time to time.
Last night i pretty much read a little, and then i went to sleep because i couldnt take it anymore.
so in this dream somehow i have a boyfriend, but in the dream im younger, maybe like 16 or 17.
In the dream my so called boyfriend is a secret boyfriend, no one knows about him, only close friends.
so then later on in the dream i find myself throwing up and feeling sick all the time, and then my mom comes in the dream screaming at me, and yellin "how can you have done this to us!"
and im like what are you talking about, and shes like "Your Pregnant and you better have the baby"
im like "wtf"?
so now im pregnant and for sure i know its my boyfriend's baby, but then when i look for my boyfriend he is no where to be found at all, like he never existed. So my mom asks me who is the father of the baby, and im like i have no idea, he is gone.
so then later on im like 9 months in the dream and im ready to have the baby.
I go into labor and start getting really sharp pains, and im yelling for help and no one comes to help me, and i end up having the baby by myself with out no problem.
I pushed him out and everything alone, wtf.
so now this is what freaks me out, the baby i had was a boy, but this baby did not look nothing like me. It had light skin and really perfect features, it had greenish greyish eyes, he had some thick curly hair and yeah, he looked like a mixed baby, but i cant explain the meaning of this dream.
Then i woke up just confused,

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  1. oh oh oh oh oh,
    its so deep and long dream :P
    i always see crazy dream too :S
    and cant good sleep :P awwwwwww